Research & Development

Research and Development

Research Capabilities

  • Cell Culture assays (available cell bank with different and healthy tumor cell lines): evaluation of viability , proliferation and cell death
  • Western Blotting
  • PCR
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Evaluation of Lysozyme activity in different samples
  • Microbiological assays (diffusion, dilution, biofilm formation, MALDI TOF identification)

Development Capabilities

  • Development of finished dosage from forms (solids, semi-solids and liquids, no-sterile)
  • Production and packaging of test samples and placebo for different purposes (i.e. science, preclinical, and clinical trials)
  • Production of lab scale (up to 10kg) and pilot scale batches up to (30kg)
  • Analytical method of development, method upgrades and method validation
  • Development and validation of analytical method for cleaning procedure
  • In Vitro Testing
  • Technology transfer and analytical method transfer
  • Stability test in accordance with ICH guidelines (Stress stability 55°C/75%RH, accelerated stability 40°C/75%RH, intermediate 30°C/65%RH, long term stability – zone II, IV a & IV b, bulk stability, photo-stability)
  • Packaging technology and primary packaging material proposals

Out licensing

  • The focus of the product range structure is on medicine of mass therapeutic application
  • The product range includes medicines for oral, parenteral and topical administration with effects on the digestive system and metabolism, cardiovascular system, systemic infections, skin, musculoskeletal, nervous and respiratory system, and systemic hormonal medicines, with the exception of sex hormones.
  • In addition to medicines, our wide product range also includes dietary supplements, medical devices, special use cosmetics and disinfectants with wide scope of applications.